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Prosperity of Life Powered by Polaris Event Ticket Terms and Conditions

The Purchaser (hereinafter "Attendee") intends to be and agrees to be legally bound by all terms, conditions and policies set forth herein or by partner companies for any product or service offered by Prosperity of Life International FZE, Polaris Global and all other affiliated entities (hereafter "The Company").


TICKETS. Access to the conference event (hereinafter "ticket"). Ticket is a pseudonym used as an identifying term to describe the purchased access to the conference itself and at no time will actual physical tickets be provided to the Attendee by the Company.

UNAVAILABILITY. If space is unavailable for any reason, Attendee will be able to attend the next subsequent 'like kind* event of the same type at no additional charge. Attendee acknowledges that neither airfare nor accommodations nor any other travel costs to and from the Conference are included as part of the Conference and that Attendee shall be solely responsible for arranging and paying for all such travel costs. The Company will not be held responsible for cancellations or delays in programming due to acts of God, war, government disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, or other emergency making it inadvisable, illegal or impossible to hold the meeting.

EVENT SCHEDULING. Attendee understands that the scheduled event, for which this ticket is purchased, including dates, location and curriculum may change at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of The Company; the attendee agrees to hold harmless the Company, and its respective successors, assigns, personal representatives, officers, directors and employees, as a result of these changes, including, but not limited to, any conflicts, hardships, or otherwise, incurred by the attendee.

RESERVATION CHANGES; DEFERRAL. The ticket purchased under this Agreement is for the next Conference of the type specified for which space is still available. Super Saturday Tickets are ineligible for deferral. For Sovereignty and Influence Conferences: Attendee may defer the ticket, one time only, to the next subsequent 'like kind'* Conference subject to the following terms and conditions:

A. If Attendee registered for the event, written notification of the cancellation of registration must be sent to the corporate office at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

B. If purchaser of ticket did not register for the upcoming event, the ticket will be automatically deferred to the next event, and deferral fee will apply.

C. The Conference must be of the same type; 'like kind'* (i.e. Sovereignty to Sovereignty, Influence to Influence). D. Deferral Fee must be paid to the corporate office at least thirty (30) days prior to the next subsequent 'like kind'

event and not prior to the conclusion of the current event.

E. Attendee may defer the ticket one time only; if attendee does not defer, the ticket will be considered null and void.

DEFERRAL FEE. The deferral fee for Influence Live and Sovereignty Live is $500.00.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE. The Company must receive a Conference registration from Attendee no later than thirty (30) days prior to a Conference. Any changes or special requests less than thirty days from the event must be sent to the Company in writing. The Company, at its sole discretion, will review each request. Requests are subject to availability and there are no guarantees of changes within the thirty (30) days prior to the event. Note: Request for any changes are to be made in writing and received by the Company's Corporate office not less than 14 days prior to the Event date and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

NO SHOW. Non-attendance at the scheduled Conference and failure to properly defer the ticket to a subsequent like event in accordance with the requirements and procedures set forth in paragraph above shall result in forfeiture, by the Attendee, of both the ticket and the entire amount paid for such ticket. Any such forfeiture shall relieve both the Selling Distributor and the Company of any liability or obligation of performance relating to the ticket.

AUTHORIZED GUESTS. Attendee understands that the cost of a Conference ticket includes one ticket to attend the Conference for two people. Attendee understands that the guest cannot be another Distributor. Permitted guests may include anyone individual who is not a Company Distributor; all attendees must be over the age of 11 years old*.

*No one under twelve years of age is permitted to attend the daytime conference sessions. Children, twelve and over may attend as the distributor's guest, or if they already have a guest, they may purchase a ticket for the child.

Super Saturday, 100 One Day Event $300 Three Day Event $1,000 Five Day Event $1,500 Eight Day Event $1,500

Evening Extra Curricular Activities In general, children may attend the opening and closing evening activities, at a cost of $150 per child, per evening. However, there may be times that children are not allowed to attend, as in the case of the farewell gala held in Las Vegas; this will be determined on an event by event basis.

A. SOVEREIGNTY LIVE is a 5 day event; included in the Sovereignty Live Ticket:

- Attendance to the conference for two (2) people including extracurricular activities such as Dinners, Receptions, Awards, Banquets, etc.; curriculum and activities may vary from event to event.
- Any additional charges incurred such as transportation/travel, hotel, meals, laundry, valet service, telephone calls, etc., are solely at the Attendee's expense.

B. INFLUENCE LIVE is an 8 day event; included in the Influence Live Ticket:

- Attendance to the conference for two (2) people including extracurricular activities such as Dinners, Receptions, Awards, Banquets, etc.; curriculum and activities may vary from event to event.
- Any additional charges incurred such as transportation/travel, hotel, meals, laundry, valet service, telephone calls, etc., are solely at the Attendee's expense.

C. SUPER SATURDAY is a one day event; included in the Super Saturday Ticket:

- Attendance to one day event for two (2) people.

NAME BADGES. Name badges 'must' be worn; admittance is restricted. Admittance to the conference meeting and/or activities will be denied to anyone NOT wearing an official Company issued name tag/badge.

EXTENDED STAY. It is up to the attendee to make all accommodations for an extended stay. Attendee shall be solely responsible for all such travel costs.

SPEAKERS; CONFIDENTIALITY. Attendee understands that the Company will provide speakers at the Conference who will convey valuable information that is for Attendee's use only. Attendee hereby agrees not to record, copy, transcribe, or distribute, either directly or indirectly (in any manner or form), and to keep strictly confidential and to not disclose through written or any other means any of the information or content of the Conference seminar.

NON-COMPANY PROMOTIONS. Attendee agrees that the promotion of any products or companies, other than those of the Company, is strictly prohibited during all Live Events, unless an authorized agent of the Company provides express prior written approval to specific participating company groups to promote their products or programs. Failure to comply with this term will result in immediate expulsion from the conference and the resort area.

INDEMNIFICATION. Attendee agrees to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company, and its respective successors, assigns, personal representatives, officers, directors and employees, for, from and against all manner of actions, suits, liens, debts, dues, damages, claims, judgments, executions, attorneys' fees, costs and demands of every nature, kind or description whatsoever, either at law or in equity, or otherwise, arising out of or in any manner connected to Attendee's participation in the Conference.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL. Attendee understands and agrees that the purchase of Conference tickets is subject to acceptance by the Company. The Company reserves the right to refuse any ticket purchase. The Company may, at any time, change the dates, speakers or location of the event without notice.

ARBITRATION; VENUE. If a dispute arises between the parties relating to either the terms of this agreement or the parties or relationship in general, either party may serve notice that it desires to have the dispute mediated by a mediator selected in accordance with the procedures of the American Arbitration Association, or as agreed by the parties to the dispute. Once elected, the parties must allow a minimum of sixty (60) days to resolve the dispute through mediation. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation, then it shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration by a committee of arbitrators (one appointed by The Company, one appointed by Attendee, and one appointed by two so appointed). The arbitrators will abide by the rules of the American Arbitration Association and judgment may be obtained on the award in any court of competent jurisdiction. Any mediation and arbitration will be conducted in Phoenix, Arizona. The parties hereby knowingly, voluntarily, and irrevocably waive their right to trial by jury, and agree that if the foregoing binding arbitration provision is determined for any reason to be unenforceable or inapplicable to a particular dispute, then such dispute shall be decided solely by a judge, without the use of a jury, sitting in a court of competent jurisdiction in Phoenix, Arizona.

ATTORNEYS' FEES; COSTS. Attendee agrees to pay any and all costs including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by the Company as a result of any violation of these Terms and Conditions by Attendee or any other dispute between the Company and Attendee. In the event any portion of these Terms and Conditions at any time, for any reason, are determined to be void or superseded, the remaining portions of the foregoing Terms and Conditions and the provisions of this paragraph shall survive.

NOTICE. Any notice pursuant to the ticket purchase and these Terms and Conditions will be considered properly made when deposited by a party via post or email and, if the notice is to Attendee, addressed to Attendee, at Attendee's address last known to the Company.

ALL CONFERENCE TICKET SALES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Attendee who agrees by electronic signature hereby purchases the Conference listed above and agrees to all terms, conditions, and rules related to this event as announced and modified by the Company. Once the Company has received payment in full, you will receive notice by electronic mail of receipt of such funds. Attendee will receive an email notification within 30 to 60 days prior to the Conference containing a link to the Event Registration page at which the Attendee must register for the conference. It is the Attendee's responsibility to provide The Company with a current email address.

RIGHT TO CANCEL; RIGHT OF RESCISSION. You may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, at any time within ten (10) business days from the date of purchase. Written notification must be sent to The Company via email, at, or post, at 13771 E Fountain Hills Blvd Ste 114-618 Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. Written notification must be dated or postmarked within the ten day time frame.

*A 'like kind' Conference/Event is defined as events of same or similar name or an event which has replaced an event, one which consists of similar or same duration and curriculum and is deemed to be 'like kind' by The Company, at its sole discretion.

By clicking 'I agree' in the box below, I am electronically signing, acknowledging that I have read, understood and agree to all terms and conditions contained here within and hold harmless, the Company, for any and all damages or liability as set forth.